Our  Association proposes mutually beneficial partnership with your castle management board. We suggest 3 ways of publicising your property on our players websites, which are visited by considerable numbers of game enthusiasts, games festivals visitors, families and school students and multimedia centre members throughout Europe. 

1. Host a session of our game within your castle walls, at least once and advertise the tournament on your website. The players will access the tournament booking system for the agreed date, through your website, so driving traffic to you.  We shall publish on our websites, details about your castle, your offers (history, location, castle legend, special offer where applicable).

2. You may prefer  to host a 4-schools  challenge final , provided  that your castle is not too far from a city or town where  schools are located, so that  the students  can  include  and its environment in their Challenge  Project report.
If that is so, we will publish details about your castle as indicated in ( 1.) 

3. Even  better : the « Way Plus »
You can order personalised box sets of the Knights-Challenge game to sell in your outlets (200 to 1000 copies/units, according to your needs) with wooden or plastic knights. We will add your logo or coat of arms of the castle or the town on your box. We can also create a special edition with a different design to suit your wishes or suggestions, we just ask that the original Knights-Challenge remains on your special edition.
If you order personalised games, we will include details about your castle on our websites as for (1.) & (2.)  In addition, we shall promote your edition by way of a link for our internet visitors (prized by collectors).  
Please contact us using our site webmail address for a discussion about design and pricing.