BOJNICE  CASTLE   (Slovakia)


Bojnice castle is a mix of Gothic and Renaissance architecture. This  stone castle was built in replacement  of  a wooden one in the course of the 12th century. Its first owner was Lord Kazimir, a member of the Hont-Poznan family who gave it to Maté Csak of Trencin. When he died, the castle became  the King’s property and  was occupied  successively by many other landlords from various noble families.
The last private owner, Jean Palffy, improved  and embellished  the castle grounds and building for most of his life, till he died there (date ?). Being a collector  and taking part in many auctions, he developed an important art collection which he left as an heritage with this property.    
The castle as it stands today is the achievement of the Palffy family  who owned it from 1643 till the foundation of the 1st Tchekoslovakian Republik  in 1918. 
After the second world war , in 1945, the castle became a state property  but caught fire 5 years later, in 1950. Restored , it was decided  by the state that it should be changed into a Museum, thus realizing its last private owner’s wish, Jean Palffy, 42 years after his death !
The castle is now opened to the public.


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