Parthenay have informed us that, following the success of the first edition of the European Master last July during the FLIP Games Festival, they now wish to renew this competition with a second edition and of course hope that more players will register from all over Europe to participate. We remind interested players that cheaper accommodation can be reserved provided you fill the registration form (to be found on the FLIP website) sooner after it has been published . Our site will keep you informed about the exact date in due course.

You can register as a player by clicking or tapping directly on the image below:




Do come to Parthenay games festival (FLIP) this Summer and enjoy the first
ever competition with 4 checker- board games to be played in just one day and
become the Champion, win a prize and the cup to memorate you this prime
edition victory and be the first name on the list.
To register, click on that link below and the best of luck to you.
Players will have to play each an opponent once in 3 different games which are
: Chess, Chequers, and Othello/Reversi . Unlikely, “ Knights-Challenge” is
played with 4 players. Each game won’t last longer than 2hrs (2hrs for the
morning sessions, and 2hrs for the afternoon ones). Sessions games will be
decided with a draw among participants.
For each game players will get a score of set points if they win, a few points if
they loose, half the total of set points each if they draw. As far as the
“Knights-Challenge” game is concerned, which is played between 4 players,
each one will get its real score of points
Date of Master : Thursday 21 July 2022
Address of Master :
Ancienne poste
30, rue de la poste
79200 Parthenay

Internet Link to register at the EU Master :