Works  for this castle were completed in 1552. The fortress was the will of  the Emperor Carlo  V as part of his project to develop a   defence system along the coast line of  Puglia  Region. The  castle was built on a small headland/promontory called « Pinna Punto » .
In the 1600 it has been  enlarged and modified from inside and outside  and  from a  defense structure it was altered in a residential building.
During the first half of the 19 century, the castle became  a jail and this lasted until 1969. Several times abandonned after, it has become today an ideal  location for hosting  important  cultural events such as  cinema,  photos and paintings exhibitions. 
The  simple design of this fortress  was enriched by  5  bastions at its hightest points /the summit/tops. Vestiges of its original  walls  can still be  seen to the left  of its circle tower by the side of which was located  the drawbridge, as the castle  main entrance. Some   suggestions brought forward by the size of the open space  inside allows to  figurate  a large  armoury. Under the  loggia,  on a sculpted  stone dated 1552,  is engraved the  coat of arms of Viceroy Don Pedro di Toledo, the Founder of this fortress.


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