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↓ Cardiff Castle (see more...)

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France castles



Richard the Lionheart  Route



You are invited to follow the lion who met his fate: Richard, King of England, Duke of Aquitaine and son of Eleanor! A relentless warrior who crossed  numerous lands, it was during the 1199 siege of Châlus Château, owned by the Viscount of Limoges, that Richard was fatally wounded. He was buried at Fontefrault, his heart was deposited at Rouen and his remains were left in Châlus.

Today, a non profit organisation that unites 19 sites has chosen this well known historical figure as their emblem.  These sites can be found along the 200 km tourist road that passes through the Haute-Vienne, the Corrèze, the Charente and the Dordogne. 







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switzerland castles



Castelgrande – Castello di Montebello – Castello di  Sasso Corbaro



Bellinzona, in the heart of the Italian speaking Switzerland, is an historical town at the crossroads of the Alpine passes. The town is where the Francs and the Lombards fought, a place at a time run by the Visconti, the Sforza, the Dukes of Milan. It became part of the Helvetic Confederation (Switzerland) in 1803, when the Tessin (Ticino) District was created.   
Three major medieval castles and walls are characteristic of Bellinzona and all well preserved. Its historical centre has retained all the charm of a medieval Lombard town. Each Year, there is a famous carnival renowned for its « Maestà Rabadan ». 


Castelgrande :


 the first settlement on the Castelgrande Hill goes back to the years 5500-5000
BC. The first walled building is dated from the IV th century when it became known as Castle magnum (Castlegrande) from the XIV th centry. The remarkable white and the black towers are part of Bellinzona skyline. The castle is easily accessible on foot from the lower town centre from where you get a magnificent view.


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Montebello  Castle :

90 metres above town, once called  the Piccolo Casttello ( small castle) and dominating Castelgrande, this castle is from the XIII century. Its inner courtyards with its towers and the half-moon are from the XIV and XV centuries and are the work of the Sforza family engineers. Today it belongs to Ticino district (canton). From this castle you also get a scenic view of the town and can see as far as « Lago Maggiore ».

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Castello di Sasso  Corbaro :

230 metres above town and typical fortress of the  Sforza family, (similar to many of the Lombard citadels), the  whole  structure is reduced to a geometric figure. The dungeon has walls 4.70m thick and the watch tower is attached to the external high walls. It was built in 1479 in just six months by order of the Duke of Milan and under the supervision of a military engineer,  Benedetto Ferrini  of Florence. It is named by the locals « Castello della Cima »  (castle  of the top). In 1919, the State bought it to save and restore. The castle stands in the middle of a wood, in a peaceful environment from where the view again is stunning.

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