The very first castle was erected  in 959  when the Lords of Villebois built a wooden tower  on an artificial hill : a motte and bailey castle. Then, the first stone castle  was built there in the course of the 12th century  and  modified several times until the 16th century.
Villebois-Lavalette Castle stands as an impressive fortress with ramparts dominating a large valley  in South East Charente. Many Lords inhabitated  this castle. Among these noble figures, the Lusigan family, Counts of Angoulême, built the current ramparts  with seven watchtowers. This occured in the middle of the XIII century.
In the XVII  century, Jean-Louis Nogaret de la Valette, Duke of Epernon, bought the castle  and  in 1622 the surrounding land of Villebois was given his name : Lavalette.    
Starting in 1667, Philippe de Montault de Bénac renovated the castle  as it stands today. He added to it a garden and made this palce his residential home. Today the castle hosts  cultural events.


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