Situated right at the entrance of the town, the fortress has impressive mix of walls and towers strategically positioned with a first gateway with a drawbridge visible at the narrowest point of the Peninsula. It leads to the town entrance while, a second drawbridge gives access to the fortress.
Begun by Mastino  I Della Scala in 1277/78, the dungeon was built first, followed by the main courtyard, three angle towers and the two gateways, each with a drawbridge. In the 14th century a second courtyard and a wall of protection linked to the main one by a barbican corridor, were added. 
Then a harbour was built by the castle.  Sirmione was annexed by the Republic of Venice in 1405 and the harbour was modified and enlarged for the Venice military.
Occupied by French soldiers at the end of the First World War and by German soldiers during the Second World War, it is now managed by the Lombardy region Department of architectural heritage.


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