Herstsmonceux  Castle was one of the first castles in England to be built of brick, giving  a stunning effect. Its clusters of elegant chimneys, the many towers, all in a pleasing shade of rich red, are reflected in the wide moat  that surrounds it ,makes it one of the most  attractive castles built  in the Middle Ages.
Sir Roger Fiennes  was granted a licence to build Hertsmonceux in 1441.  As it was built in a Lake, it was already  receiving some protection and had  an impressive gatehouse with a formidable lot of murder holes and arrow  slits  which could deter hostile  visitors.
Once the castle was no longer the property of the Fiennes family, it fell into the hands of careless owners and in the 17th century,  one of them shamelessly ripped out the interior  just to provide himself the raw material to build  his own house, so  that after a great deal of work was  necessary to give it back its original magnificence.



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