Know the rules of Knights Challenge game

A game for 2, 3 or 4 players and  a « Team game » !



Around 1 HOUR to know the name of the master ! 


The board

A  specially  designed playing  board with 4 separate camps in each corner matching the colour  of their pieces  (horses) 

32 small  horses (4 sets in different colours)  representing the Knights


Objective  of the game 

The objective of the game is for the players to place their Knights in their opponents’ camps by moving from their camps whilst trying to score the maximum number of points before the end of the game. To do this they must place as many Knights as possible in their opponents’ camps . 
The game requires the combined skills of observation, anticipation and tactics.

move with knights

Playing the game


Players place their Knights in their starting positions corresponding to their colour.

Decide which player goes first by throwing a dice or by agreeing  who starts.


Moves by the Knights 

Whenever it is his turn, a player can only move one Knight at a time. The Knight must be moved  either 2 squares forwards, backwards or sideways followed by a 1 square to the left or right. Or it can also be moved  either 1 square  forwards, backwards  or sideways  followed by 2 squares to the left or right.  It can also jump over any opponent in its path. When it is his turn to play, the player must move a Knight. Moves forwards  only within his own camp are allowed as long as the Knight has not left his camp. When a knight has left his camp, it cannot return and  while it is in his camp, it cannot be  captured by opponents.

(The knight’s move is similar  to the knight’s move at Chess) 

When a knight lands on a  square belonging to an opponent’s camp, it is  stuck there and can no longer be moved. Also, it cannot be captured by any opponent. It will count  as points at the end of the game.



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