KNIGHTS-CHALLENGE is an exciting new board game that can be quickly learned by players from 8 years old onwards and makes a great addition to your shelves at your club or centre for your members to enjoy, as have our first players  here in Charente (South-West France). The rules are easy and published in English, French, Italian and other languages will follow soon.

More and more players in France are discovering the game, as we attend games and medieval festivals. If you like strategy games which do not last for hours, you really should try it and if you are convinced you can make it available to the public who use your venue.  

From the feedback we receive we can guarantee the approval of players, young or old! We have found that senior citizens and teenagers particularly appreciate playing this game together.

What do we need to do then, you might ask? The answer is simple:  

You can quickly and easily buy a single game online through the « Buy »  icon on our website.

If you would like to order of 2 or more games, we will supply the games at a reduced price according to number.  Please contact us using our website mail address and we will then provide a quotation.  

Organising tournaments

Using the model we have trialled and found to be successful, you can organise a local tournament for your members, once you have had regular learning and practice sessions. Get in touch with us and we will send you the information we provide to all our players of Knights-Challenge in Europe. You may even inspire our other players to attend your event or your players to join other tournaments around the country, and so meeting others, learning new tactics and making friends!

We are working on a special Master Challenge, which would include four chequer board type of games : Chess, Chequers, Othello and Knights-Challenge. This would take place during the summer at the famous Parthenay games festival (FLIP), and your players may wish to participate one day in the future. So  it is worth your organisation encouraging your members have a try at Knights-Challenge!