Gradara  fortress  is situated  on a hill marking the limit between  Marches  and Romagna Regions.  At feudal  times  in Italy  names as prestigious as  the Malatesta, the Sforza,  the Della Rovere, were connected to this  historical monument. Walking through these castle rooms, one can imagine  what it was like to live the nobles families with a mixture of pleasant or dull moments.   The construction started in the  middle of  the 12 th century. When two brothers, Pietro and Ridolpho Grifo took over the region from Pesaro muncipality. They first built a strong  and severe tower  to establish their right of ownership. From the end of  the XII century to the midlle of the XIII  century the castle  was occupied at times by  thieves and at other times by Lords until Giovanni Malatesta  da Verrucchio took it  over  by force with the help of the Pope.


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