(Germany - Koblentz)


Built by Archbishop Arnold Von Isenburg  (1242 – 1259) of Trier as  a fortress to protect the border, it was used  at some stage as a toll place.  The  military history of this castle ended  when it was destroyed  in 1689, during the war of succession by the Pfalz.  In 1823 the city of Koblentz gave its ruins to the future king of Prussia,  Friedrich  Wilhelm  IV. That marked the beginning of a new life for Stolzenfels.
The actual  monument dates  from  that period. Following designs made by the architects  Schinkel and Stüler, a Summer  residence was built in between 1836 and 1842, and it is one of the most significant witnesses of the German Romanticism.
Still today Stolzenfels fascinates visitors from all over the World. From its magnificent terrace, one can contemplate an unforgettable view on the Rhine Valley that delighted the European  Noble Court of past centuries. Since the Hollenzollern period, furniture and decorations in its marvellous rooms  have changed little  and so can be admired.
The legend 
Not far away in the narrow Rhine Valley, upstream, stands  the famous Loreley Cliff  celebrated with a song by the German poet Heine : it tells  the story of a malefic  undine whose songs  and dances  were disturbing boatmen passing near, making them sink !



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