This palace-fortress dates from  the 15th century and thrones high by the shores of Linlithgow Lock. Originally, as  early as  the middle of the 12th century,  there was already at this place a fortified residence  which was converted into a manor in 1302, built for Edward I.
James  I, king of Scotland, ordered the construction of a royal residence to  which the architect incorporated some defensive features such as a drawbridge  and  a barbican and  also  reinforced  the thick walls of its 4 corner towers. The lower floors windows also were protected  by iron bars. In the 1500 machicolations  were added.
Mary, Queen of Scots, was born here in 1542. Cromwell stayed  in the palace  in the winter of 1650-51. Unfortunately, fires guttted this pleasant palace when the Duke of Cumberland’s army left/ retired  from Lintlithgow en route to Culloden Moor to face Prince Charles Edward Stuart.     


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