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Knights-Challenge is a new strategy game  which will  gradually acquire  its reputation and occupy  an attractive position among  well known strategy games such as Chess, Chequers, Othello, Go and others.
Our association,  «Les Amis  du jeu de Knights-Challenge »,  is already participating  in some of the most famous medieval and games festivals  in Europe such as Lucca Comics & Games in Italy, the Summer FLIP Festival in France, Mind Sports Olympiad in London,  In Ludo Veritas in Namur, Belgium, all gathering well over 300,000 visitors and players.
The District Council of Parthenay will be organising a European Master Challenge of  chequers boardgames style which will take place in July 2021 during their yearly game festival called « FLIP ». Our boardgame, knights-Challenge, will be played as part of this competition along with other famous games such as Chess, Chequers, Othello.
French national support
Several French National Federations of Games and the French Federation  of Community Centres support this event and will soon commnunicate on it.
Players, who wish to join the competition are welcome wherever they come from and should  find early 2021 more information on the links below :
There will be a quota of players  accepted on the competition chart  so don’t hesitate to leave your personal details here to get more information on about the Master.

European  castles link

In the future, a selection of castles in Europe will  be offered to host a qualification session in their walls.  After all, isn’t there a direct link between Knights and Castles !  


Back in photos to the "FLIP" event. Stay tuned